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Shenzhen AbsonLED Optoelectricity Co., Ltd., establishted in 2008 and locating in Shenzhen, is an integrated LED screen and LED lighting system solution provider. AbsonLED concentrates on providing complete solution for the clients, including demand analysis, solution design, R&D, manufacturing, and lifetime after sales services.

Product Categories

Crystal LED Video Displays

Abson Crystal LED displays (ST Series)are special designed with super high transparency rate, light weight and fast installation features.

It's a perfect product for building advertising and decoration, an 80% transparent rate ensures the interior of the building enough sunshine in day time...

Sphere LED Video Displays

Abson sphere LED dispalys is a new and creative type of LED display product, which shapes as a ball, providing a 360 degree view. Sphere LED display displays image and video without image distortion.

Feature including: seamless assembly, easy installation, simple & easy control, uniform pixel design, and easy maintenance...

Sports Perimeter LED Screens

Abson sports perimeter LED displays is designed for any sports statium installations.

Features including: flexible inclination angles, high refresh rate, fast and easy installation, and soft masks and soft cushion cover...

Commercial Advertising Screens

Abson commercial advertising LED displays (R Series)is designed for any indoor and outdoor permanent installation.

Features including: excellent brightness, configurable into a wide range of standard ratios, and innovative slim-line design...

Stage & Events Rental Screens

Abson stage & events rental LED displays (R Series)is designed for indoor and outdoor stage and events rental installation.

Features including: high refresh rates and high brightness, small pixel pitches and high resolution, and easy installation...