Sphere LED Screen (Global or Ball LED Screen)

LED display walls are commonly installed on large outdoor business buildings. Sphere LED display (also known as Globe LED display, or ball LED display), is a new and creative type of LED display product, which shapes as a ball, providing a 360 degree view. Sphere LED display displays image and video without image distortion. A sphere LED display hanging indoors of a building attracts public attention immediately.

Sphere LED Screen Advantages

Seamless assembly
Custom design to the stair route. Components are assembled seamlessly.

Easy installation
Three solutions designed for your specific case: floor installation, hanging installation & embedded installation.

Efficient heat dissipation
Completely aluminum structural heat dissipation solution.

Simple & easy control
Compatible with both synchronous & asynchronous control system, and support off-line & on-line modes.

Uniform pixel design
Adopting uniform pixel design technology, no image distortion.

Easy maintenance
Easily maintained by both front and rear surface.

Sphere LED Screen Features

Abson sphere LED display is a new LED display product which can be installed on both outdoors and indoors. Different from flat surface of traditional LED display walls, Abson sphere LED display shapes on a ball, making the image receiving a 360-degree view angle on all dimensions.

Traditional LED display wall can only display image on its front surface. Not only display images on its external arc surface, Abson sphere LED display can be customized to display images on its internal arc surface. Abson sphere LED display also displays images in S-shaped mode, and also spherical-shaped mode, etc.


With great light-admitting quality, and width pixel dot pitch, Sphere LED display is a reasonable choice for the large-size public places, like museum hall, shopping mall and airport, requiring a modern LED display to display photos or play videos.

Major advantages of the sphere LED display include: light weight, excellent wind resistance and waterproof performance, easy installation, outstanding heat radiation performance, and convenient front and rear maintenance, great anti-seismic, economic installation platform, etc.


Abson sphere LED display supports both synchronous & asynchronous control system, which allow LED display to play full color videos. It's also equipped with professional audio processing system, which is able to handle multiple incoming single. It's also able to play live TV videos.

Your LED ball is customized to your specific case. To make sure the dimension precision of the spherical surface modules, the producing of the spherical surface is controlled by numerically controlled machines, which ensures the perfection of the ball curvature.


The standard PH10mm sphere LED display has a 1M diameter, and weights 75KG, which is a perfect choice for mobile stage LED display rental service.

We are also open to design custom LED display solutions. Just tell us what you need; we'll take care of everything else.


Application Places

Museum,Planetarium,Science Museum,Children's Palace,Exhibition Center,Sports Stadium,Waiting Hall,Starred Hotel,Open Air,Railway Station,Port,Shopping Mall,Bar etc