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Sports LED Display System Solution

Abson LED sports perimeter displays are designed with high brightness and refresh rate, which makes your ads shows perfectly before millions of audiences through the sport events.

High refresh rate & grey scale

Refresh rate up to 2400~9000hz, ensure flicker-free images on screens; grey scale up to 16 bit guarantee to present crystal and soft pictures to audience.

Double backup system

Perimeter system support double backup control system; therefore, even a system is out of work during operation, another one will turn on automatically and immediately to avoid system failure and ensure an interruption free broadcasting.

Installation friendly

Simple design, with interlocks between cabinets and air plug connection interfaces for power and signal, make assemble and disassemble very easily. Fence, hanging and stacking integrated design make a wide and flexible application.

Adjustable inclination angle

Installation inclination angles (75°~ 90°) is flexible by adjusting backside supporting stand. This can help to cover a possible wide viewing audience and good camera shooting angles.

Impact resistance

Soft masks and soft top cover protect strong impact from balls or athletes, which can protect athletes or screen system itself from hurt or damage.